Scholarship Opportunities!

Now is the time to see if you qualify for a scholarship to study in Germany this summer!  Read on for details.

The Capstone International Center Endowed Scholarship

Two (2) scholarships for $1,000 each will be awarded

Funded by Tuscaloosa Sister Cities, JVC, MBUSI

Tuscaloosa Sister Cities International exists to promote long term, global people-to-people relationships through the development of international leadership, friendship and understanding.  It seeks to facilitate productive partnerships with cultural, educational, and commercial entities.   Tuscaloosa Sister Cities International provides an avenue for the people in each city to develop friendly and mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships, and to work together in facing the unique and diverse challenges and opportunities of the future.

This endowment was established to help students to forward the mission of Tuscaloosa Sister Cities International.

Criteria: UA Sophomore, Junior, or Senior enrolled for a Summer 2015 study abroad program in Germany.

Name: _________________________ CWID: ______________

Address: ___________________________________________


E-mail address: ______________________________________

Phone:______________________ Major__________________

Level: ___Sophomore ___Junior ___ Senior     GPA _________

 Please include the following:

  • One essay not to exceed a single page and single spaced. The essay needs to explain why you have chosen Germany to study abroad and what your plans are upon graduation.
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • One completed Faculty Reference Form (see attached)

Please contact for more information.


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